Corporate Pre-Employment Checks and Employee Background Checks

There is no longer any doubt about the need for pre-employment screening services before hiring any potential employee.

It only makes sense to hire the right people and avoid unpleasantaries such as business disruptions, inappropriate behavior, endangering co-workers, liability & litigation or theft & fraud by employing a quality employee-screening agency.

These checks have become a standard. Job applicants now expect that a background check will be performed on them when they seek new employment.

The only real issue left is the selection of a background check firm to assist you in the process.

Orion is able to conduct comprehensive background checks on worldwide basis.*

Orion will verify all information and documents provided by the applicants.

*Note: Orion DOES NOT provide an instant online employee background checks as many other companies offer.

All of our intelligence work is undertaken by experienced investigators with the utmost discretion ensuring complete confidentiality.

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