Executive Protection Services

Business managers today often attract unwelcome attention in a variety of ways including that of: criminals, disgruntled ex-employees, activists, violent pressure groups and others.

Usually, the company is the real target, but it is the company’s executives who are vulnerable to attack – sometimes for the purposes of industrial espionage and blackmail, or at worst, extortion and kidnap for ransom.

More commonly, however, business managers, and sometimes their families, are far more vulnerable to straightforward criminal assault or theft. Although this can occur at home or at the office it usually takes place when travelling, especially overseas.

Senior executives and business managers also become collectively exposed at certain regular or scheduled occasions such as international management meetings or AGMs.

The threats facing an executive vary widely depending on the size of the company, the industry it belongs to and the individual executive’s profile.

Clients in soft-targeted sectors such as the financial services, pharmaceutical and energy industries, and those with executives based overseas, all have the same concerns. These include: kidnapping, car-jacking, mail-borne explosives and biological agents. More mundane, yet still serious, are threatening letters or emails, and workplace violence.

Given the range of risks involved, Orion, with their managed executive protection experience know that protecting an individual is a very different discipline from securing a facility. A top executive not only cannot be locked down but, unlike a building with a single gate, there are numerous ways for an attacker to get to an executive including through family members. Thus our programs are designed to protect against any and all such threats.

All of our intelligence work is undertaken by experienced investigators with the utmost discretion ensuring complete confidentiality

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