Corporate Forensic Investigation

Many investigations can be conducted by analyzing computer data, deleted information, emails and file transfers etc.

At Orion, we are able to perform discreet forensic investigations in the following ways:

    • Examine the data captured from the computer down to the deepest level of a disk.
    • Trace the source of hidden information that could lead to an enhanced conclusion.

Orion has the capability to arrange for a team of computer forensic experts to launch any necessary digital inquiry.

Orion’s investigators will utilize the very latest forensic tools and techniques to recover any information available within the computer, including any formatted or deleted information / data on a hard disk or smart phone.

All of our intelligence work is undertaken by experienced investigators with the utmost discretion ensuring complete confidentiality.

Contact us in confidence:

Singapore: (+65) 660 28 144
Vietnam: (+84) 166 2626 869

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