Corporate Theft Investigation

Company Theft – Private Investigation

Theft of company property either as data or physical items can be damaging to the company in various ways. At Orion, we are able to carry out a full investigation to trace and locate those responsible.

Company Property Theft

Theft within a company can take on many forms, for example, theft of office equipment such as laptops, or the misappropriation of company goods. There are several areas of investigation that our private investigators can carry out including but not limited to the following:

    • Local investigation and intelligence work
    • Use of hidden cameras
    • Investigation into suspect(s)
    • Undercover agents
    • Vendor or Contractor investigations

Company Document or Data Theft

Theft of company information is common and is generally associated with a disgruntled employee wishing to upset the everyday operation of a company. In more serious cases, confidential information such as “customer lists” are removed and sold to competitors for profit.

This is very serious in terms of its potential effect on a company itself and / or also the possibly comprising customer’s privacy.

Depending on the circumstances, Orion is able to conduct investigations into the following:

    • Intelligence investigation on suspected employees and/or contractors
    • Local investigations
    • Tracing the information lost to its possible consequences and use
    • Use of hidden cameras

Spying and Eavesdropping

It is becoming more and more common for “interested parties” to covertly place bugs or other listening devices within a targeted company.

Orion is able to conduct debugging operations – Technical Counter Surveillance Measures (TCSM) — to detect these bugs or listening devices installed within the concerned premises and remove them.

All of our intelligence work is undertaken by experienced investigators with the utmost discretion ensuring complete confidentiality.

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