Partner Investigation, Intelligence and Surveillance

Partner Surveillance

When the fear of infidelity becomes a part of you life, you need answers.

Orion realizes that contacting a private investigator to check on your loved one is hard to do but living with doubt can be worse. An investigation can confirm, for you, the truth.

It is an unfortunate fact that, in this world we live in, 2 out of every 3 marriages end in divorce and a high percentage of this is down to adultery.

The same statistics show that infidelity is also common-place between un-married partners that may or may not be living together. Matrimonial or partner investigation with surveillance could prove your partner’s innocence, or if guilty, can provide you with the evidence you need to make future decisions.


Maybe you suspect that your partner is not being as faithful and honest to you as you would hope. Maybe, they are just acting differently, staying out or working late. Maybe, they have new friends, new clothes, or they are just responding to you differently etc.

The problem with suspicion is that it is exactly that; suspicion. So, before you take any action you need to be 100% sure. It could be that you are already sure, and you just want or need the evidence to prove it.

Before you can confront someone with whom you have a relationship, you must have all the facts. In many instances, discreet partner or matrimonial surveillance by a private investigator specializing in such investigations can be the only way to find out what you need to know.

Discreet Partner Surveillance

Using discretion and total secrecy, we can place your partner under careful surveillance to monitor their moves when you are not with them.

This can include following them, observing from a distance, or using hidden camera technology. We can also observe and record their movements at close range; possibly in a bar or club, or at other social gatherings.

Together with relevant photography we monitor where they go, who they meet and what happens. At the conclusion of our work we produce a detailed report containing our observations during the matrimonial surveillance period.

All of our final reports are accompanied by photographic and/or video evidence (if available). This will prove that either your fears are justified, or possibly, that you have no need to worry as your partner is innocent, and you can continue your relationship as normal with peace of mind.

All of our intelligence work is undertaken by experienced investigators with the utmost discretion ensuring complete confidentiality.

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